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How We Take Care of Mold

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

When there is water in your home, mold can quickly become an issue. It can cause health effects and damage to your property.

SERVPRO of Naperville has the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment to handle your mold problem.

Call SERVPRO of Naperville
The mold cleanup and restoration process begins when you call us. Someone on our team will need to ask a series of questions to help determine the necessary equipment, resources, and personnel needed.

Your property will be carefully inspected for mold using various technologies to detect mold and hidden water sources. Mold can sometimes be hidden from plain view.

Different containment procedures will be placed to prevent the spread of mold, like negative air chambers to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process.

Air Filtration
Specialized filtration equipment captures microscopic mold spores out of the air. SERVPRO of Naperville technicians will then use air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to prevent the spread of these mold spores.

The process of mold remediation depends on the amount of mold growth and the type of surface it's on. Removing and disposing of mold-infested porous materials, like drywall and flooring, may be necessary.

SERVPRO of Naperville cleans your furniture, decorative items, curtains, and other restorable items affected by mold. We use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings.

Depending on the level of mold damage, some building materials may have to be removed. Restoration may involve minor repairs or major repairs such as reconstruction.

Mold Safety Tip

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business due to water intrusions. Mold can be a hazard and can create significant damage to your property.

If you are faced with the problem of mold damage in your home or place of business, please consider the following

  • There are certain conditions for the risk of mold including but not limiting:
    • Temperatures above 70
    • High humidity
    • Water damage
    • Dampness
  • Mold can grow quickly; it only takes 48 hours for mold to grow and spread
  • Mold can be undetectable
    • You may have moisture behind walls, in cabinets, and under floors

If you suspect that your home or business is experiencing a mold problem, contact SERVPRO of Naperville at (630)-428-3700